Mr. S. Ramaswamy, Vice President, Group General Counsel, Escorts Ltd. appointed as a Chair, INBA General Counsel Section.

October 14, 2013
New Delhi, India —S. Ramaswamy, Vice President, Group General Counsel, Escorts Ltd. has been appointed as chair of the General Counsel Section, Indian National Bar Association (INBA).
Mr. S. Ramaswamy served as general counsel for various private companies, providing advice on corporate, partnership, trademark, intellectual property, employment law, and other matters. He also represents numerous Indian clients and serves as a strategic and financial consultant for Indian companies seeking financing opportunities.
INBA has recently formed a General Counsel Section which will work as a think tank for the positive change in the society and the Legal fraternity. the objective of this Section amongst others are as under: a) Creation of Legal awareness, Training including Grooming next Generation General Counsels b) Mentoring of In-house counsel for leadership role c) How can the General Counsel bring value in mainstream business d) Opportunities of Newer areas of practice for general counsel e) Career avenues post reaching the General Counsel level f) How General counsels can usher in transparency in the functioning of the organization g) What role can General Counsel Play in Public Policies, Nation Building g) Any other valuable suggestions for implementation.
The membership of the INBA General Counsel Section consists of a broad cross section of Indian lawyers engaged in international corporate and business practice.

The few founder members of Executive committee are Ms. Vaiji Raghunathan, Assistant Professor & Assistant Director, Jindal Global Law School; Mr. Rajesh Singh, Head Legal, Capgemini; Mr. Sandip Beri, Partner, Amarchand Mangaldas; Mr. JLN Murthy, General Counsel, Red Bull, Mr. Rohit Kumar, General Counsel, United Phosphorus; Mr. Suprio Das Gupta,Group General Counsel, Schneider Electric; Mr. B. Murlidhar, General Counsel, Castrol India, Mr. Vineet Vij, Legal Head,HCL Technologies.

The INBA, a voluntary, non-political organization, seeks to provide an opportunity for Indian lawyers to interact with lawyers from other jurisdictions around the world to 1) enable their Indian clients to be effectively represented abroad and for clients of lawyers from other jurisdictions to be effectively represented in India and 2) provide an opportunity for lawyers from other jurisdictions to learn about the Indian legal system and for Indian lawyers to learn about the legal systems in other countries. INBA is the only bar that accept foreign lawyers and Inhouse Counsel as its members.