Indian National Bar Association (INBA) is focused on taking the Indian legal industry and its members to newer heights. Representing the entire Legal ecosystem in India, INBA is dedicated to expand its members professional network and industry insight. When lawyers need to be heard, INBA is their voice. At INBA We understand that as our world continues to outgrow national frameworks, we see increasing demand for international dialogue and collaboration, and in some cases, rules and guidelines.

INBA members – more than 10,000 registered members across the globe with 15 International Chapters.

Membership of the INBA gives you access to a huge national & international network of contacts, a unique learning opportunity, and the chance to actively participate in discussion around the development of international legal practice.

Membership of the INBA is open to all law professionals across the globe. The majority of Members join through the online portals. Individuals are welcome to apply for membership through offline methods.

We help broaden our member’s perspectives and help them exchange views through online forums and partnerships with the best organizations.

Types of Members:

  • International Membership
  • Corporate Membership
  • Executive Membership
  • Law Student Membership