Home Land Security Committee

Homeland Security Policy and Law of India

Homeland Security is increasingly perceived as being critical to the overall security of the country. The security concerns pertaining to domestic law and order situation have prompted the Central and State governments in the country to focus on the modernization and up gradation of country’s Homeland Security infrastructure. In an attempt to organize and strengthen the Homeland Security machinery of the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs is targeting the creation of a supporting physical and policy-level framework for long term development of India’s Homeland Security focused infrastructure. Over the last few years, significant progress had been made in India in terms of improving legislation, strengthening security forces and streamlining procurement of critical equipment and items to improve the Homeland Security infrastructure. Globally, the private sector has played a significant role in meeting the Homeland Security requirements in various countries. Indian industry is also beginning to take note of the potential growth opportunity offered by the evolving Homeland Security framework in India.

The way forward to strengthen the Homeland Security scenario in India would require Government’s active management of the policy framework, regulations, process and fiscal environment to create an integrated and self-reliant Homeland Security apparatus in India.

Chair, Mr. Arun Sharma