INBA student section is seeking nominations for the following positions

Student Law

We are delighted to inform you that as part of its overall restructuring exercise to make the INBA’s student Section more relevant and effective INBA is currently seeking nominations for the following positions:

Development and Programme Committee

Role: Who is responsible for studying the trends/needs of student & young legal fraternity and plans/hosts meetings, workshops, etc. for the law students and legal community and have good organizing skills.

Chair, Editorial Committee

Role: Provide content by writing occasional editorials and other short articles. Should be punctual to submit their task as per deadline.

Chair, Research and Development Committee

Role: Ensuring for their research work which will be provided to them. The Research & Development Committee assists the Section with oversight of the research and development strategy.

Chair, Social Media Committee

Who have good technical knowledge for regarding the promotions on social media tools.

Convener, Campus Ambassadors Program:

Who have good leadership, managing skills and have good networks with the colleges and Law schools.


  1. Networking Opportunities
  2. Active Participation in Conferences and Seminars
  3. Enhancing Leadership skills, management Skills etc.
  4. Scholarship Opportunities
  5. Opportunity to lead an event.
  6. Monetary and Non Monetary Incentives (based on the work and task efficiency)
  7. Discounts on Various Paid Events
  8. Internship Opportunities

Interested candidates kindly submit their CV with the covering letter for the following positions at till 2nd June, 2017. Our recruitment team will be in touch with you as soon as possible through an email or call.

Important note: (Preference should be given to those who is already working with INBA as a member, volunteers and committee members.

Please contact for the further information if required.

Sahil Chopra; +917838474837