Supreme Court Judgment

Sanjay Kumar vs. Ashok Kumar and Anr.

MACT – Compensation

Civil Appeal No. 896 of 2014 (Arising out of SLP(C) NO. 21303 of 2013)-Decided on 24-1-2014.

for further enhancement of compensation in the case of a motor accident involving the appellant whereby the High Court enhanced the compensation awarded by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, Delhi (in short ‘the Tribunal’) by Rs.1,52,336/- to a total sum of Rs.6,35,808/-. …. Loss of future prospects’ should be added to this amount …. we will assess the compensation awarded under the other heads. With respect to medical expenses, attendant charges and conveyance charges, as well as possible future medical costs, …. Further, it is necessary to award an amount under the head of ‘loss of amenities’ …. we find it just and proper to increase the interest awarded from 7% to 9% per annum. Hence, the total compensation the appellant is entitled to is Rs.14,59,100/- along with 9% interest per annum from the date of the accident till the date of realization.