West Bengal Regional Forum

Prabhat Shroff, INBA

Mr. Prabhat Shroff, Chair, INBA Kolkata Chapter, West Bengal Regional Forum

Prabhat Shroff  has over 35 years of experience, mainly in India, regarding the rule of law, as a practicing lawyer, both in the courts at Calcutta, as well as in courts, all over India, including the Supreme Court of India, covering a wide spectrum of matters relating to the rights of the Indian Citizens, guaranteed under the Indian Constitution, and enforcing same in the Law Courts, as well as matters pertaining to the Human Rights, Arbitration(Domestic & International), Dispute Resolution,  Agency & Franchise, Mergers & Amalgamations, Joint Ventures, Foreign Collaborations & Technology Transfers, Public & Private Sector Contracts, General Litigations & Litigations pertaining to Civil, Criminal & Commercial matters, Real & Personal Property Laws, Real Estate Laws, Laws relating to Intellectual Property Rights, and other matters.

Prabhat Shroff has also been proficiently dealing with complex Real Estate documentation involving various Real Estate Developers, both in Kolkata as well as in Delhi and Mumbai; and registration thereof in various Registry Offices.