Free Legal Aid

Legal Aid is the need of the hour. It implies giving free legal services to the section of the community who cannot afford the quality services of a senior lawyer for conducting the legal proceedings for/ against them. A large portion of the population in our country is illiterate and ignorant about their rights. Adding to the fact that many of them our children and women. The concept of legal aid is provided for in our Constitution under Article 39A. It is rather a constitutional obligation of the State and the Rights of the citizens. “Justice for All” is the prime object of our Constitution. Nobody shall be deprived of their rights. And hence a step forward to do something for such people to make them at par with our society as a whole.

Aim/ Mission:

To support the Governmental organizations, NGO’s, deprived Section of the Society by assisting the Bar and Bench to provide justice to such deprived section of the community. Legal Aid is an essential part of the administration of justice. The purpose is to secure justice to the all particularly women, children, handicapped, poor, weaken and downtrodden. Nobody shall be deprived of their rights merely for the want of funds, lack of knowledge. And ensure justice, liberty and equality; promote human rights with dignity and democratic development of the country as a whole.

Our Approach:

  •  Social Justice- By creating awareness of the rights and remedies available, providing legal education.
  • Natural Justice- By providing the equal opportunity of hearing to the aggrieved without any bias.
  •  Legal Justice- Proper and efficient advocacy, people centered advocacy, ensure just and fair treatment.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide Free Legal Aid to all individuals as well as young entrepreneur, start up, MSME Industry.
  • To file and fight cases including public interest litigation on behalf of the weaker sections particularly women, children, handicapped, poor, weaker and downtrodden section of the community.
  • To spread awareness about the rights, duties and remedies available.
  •  To create opportunities for rehabilitation and reformation.

Project report for free legal aid

Legal Aid Presentation