Dhan Raj @ Dhand versus State of Haryana

Dhan Raj @ Dhand


State of Haryana

The present appeals however arise out of Criminal Appeal No. 496-DB of 1999 filed by accused Dhan Raj challenging the judgment of conviction and order of sentence dated September 25 and 27, 1999 passed by the Additional Sessions Judge, Jhajjar where the court convicted the accused appellants on the basis of circumstantial evidence.

The Deceased Vijay Pal was serving as a doctor was found dead by Sukhbir Singh in a field of village Bizidpur. Sanjay while in custody of Delhi Police in another case mentioned about the murder and named Dhan Raj and Badal as partner in crime. Charges were framed under Section 302 read with Section 34 and Section 392 read with Section 395 and 397 of Indian Penal Code. The trial court ordered for life imprisonment.  Aggrieved by the judgment dhan raj filed appeal in the High court but high court found the case to be correct and thus further appeal was made in supreme court but the court set aside the order of High court and the appellant was granted bail….read more