Supreme Court Judgment

Pawan Kumar & Anr. Etc. Vs. M/S Harkishan Dass Mohan Lal & Ors.
MACT – Liability
Civil Appeal No. 5906 of 2008-Decided on 29-1-2014.
In the present case, neither the driver/owner nor the insurer has filed any appeal or cross objection against the findings of the High Court that both the vehicles were responsible for the accident. In the absence of any challenge to the aforesaid part of the order of the High Court, we ought to proceed in the matter by accepting the said finding of the High Court. From the discussions that have preceded, it is clear that the High Court was not correct in apportioning the liability for the accident between drivers/owners of the two vehicles. …. We, accordingly, hold that the drivers/owners of both the vehicles are jointly and severally liable to pay compensation and it is open to the claimants to enforce the award against both or any of them…read more