Selvaraj @ Chinnapaiyan Versus State represented by Inspector of Police




Selvaraj @ Chinnapaiyan … Appellant


State represented by Inspector of Police … Respondent


Prosecution story, in brief, is that accused-appellant Selvaraj @ Chinnapaiyan is husband of PW-2 Selvi. He belongs to Vellala Gounder Community, and PW-2 Selvi belongs to Vanniayar Community. The two developed intimacy. This was not liked by Sundarammal (mother of Selvaraj). As such the accused-appellant Selvaraj and PW-2Selvi left the village, and started living as husband and wife in Bangalore. From their relationship PW-2 Selvi conceived a baby. Sundarammal, when came to know of it, wanted to get the baby aborted but Selvi declined to do so. On this Sundarammal approached PW-4 Chandra, a nurse, and sought her help to get the baby aborted. Selvaraj also joined his mother in asking Selvi to get the pregnancy terminated. This made Selvi apprehensive of threat to her life and that of her child in the womb. She went to her parents house and stayed there. After sometime, a Panchayat of the villagers was held and marriage was arranged between Selvaraj and Selvi where after the accused-appellant (Selvaraj) again left for Bangalore. While he was in Bangalore, Selvi delivered a female child on 27.1.2003 in her parental village about which the appellant and his mother were informed. On 28.2.2003, the appellant Selvaraj came to his village from Bangalore. On 3.3.2003 at about 8.00 p.m., according to the prosecution, the appellant entered inside the house of PW-2 Selvi, raised the volume of radio and closed the room. From there he went to thatched shed where the young baby was sleeping. On hearing the cries of the baby, PW-2 Selvi, PW-3 Rajammal (mother of Selvi) and PW-10 Chinapappa (sister of Selvi), who were standing outside the house, rushed to the thatched shed and saw Selvaraj administering paddy seeds in the mouth of the child, and strangulating him with a gunny wire. PW-2 Selvi shouted and attempted to save the child. All the three witnesses, i.e., Selvi (PW-2), Rajammal(PW-3) and Chinapappa (PW-10) took the child to PW-4 Chandra (a nurse). She (PW-4) advised above three eyewitnesses to take the child to a doctor at Marandehalli, who, in turn, directed to take the child to Government hospital, Dharmapuri. The baby was admitted in the Government Hospital, Dharmapuri on 6.3.2003 at 10.00 a.m., but died at 5.25 p.m. on the same day….read more