The Phenomenal She- A Book Launch of 100 Phenomenal Women by INBA

#The Phenomenal She- A Book Launch of 100 Phenomenal Women

#Acknowledging She

#The Phenomenal SheA Book Launch of 100 Phenomenal Women

#Acknowledging She
INBA’s endeavor is to appreciate and acknowledge every contribution made by women from every professional area, activity which she thinks is worth a contribution to the society at large as well as beyond her family.

These women have managed multiple tasks and demonstrated excellence in their personal and professional life. We don’t only recognize leaders, political activists and who have fought society, but we feel women are innately born with excellence and high-level impact.

Book to Honour Women
As part of our campaign, we propose to publish a Coffee Table Book that will recognize the role of 100 women that belong to the following fields:

  • Sports
  • Housewife
  •  Media
  •  Corporate Sector
  •  Government
  •  Social Work
  •  Acting
  •  Law
  • Farming

The book will have chapters and case studies that will analyze the role of women from a social, cultural and economic perspective. On 7th March, we will announce our list of 100 women in the event. This programme is in honour of everything feminine…of everyone feminine.


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Received nominations from:

  • Hon’ble Judges from Supreme Court of India & Delhi High Court
  • Secretary from Govt. of India
  • Member of Parliaments
  • CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies
  • Social Activities
  • Padma Shri awardees
  • General Counsels
  • Govt. of India
  • Startups
  • Senior Advocates
  • Actress
  • Singers
  • Scientist

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