Inviting participants to submit their comments to the white paper released by the Justice Srikrishna committee on data protection

INBA has taken the lead to prepare a response as Invited by the Justice Srikrishna Committee on the recent White Paper on Data Protection.

The Indian National Bar Association (INBA) has been in the quest to create an impact in every sphere of the legal fraternity since the year 2013. Amongst several other organisations in the country, we pride ourselves for creating a platform for the legal practitioners of law to interact with the luminaries and experts of the industry.

We live in a virtual era and it is more pertinent than ever to ensure protection of data, privacy through legal systems and awareness. Keeping in mind, the dynamic scheme of the legal sector, we trust that it is the responsibility of professionals, scholars and students to engage in regular discourse and innovation process to further evolve our legal systems.

Therefore we invite all who are interested to submit their comments to the white paper released by the Justice Srikrishna Committee on data protection. The comments may kindly be submitted on or before 18th December at the email address : and cc to

All are also cordially invited to the round table discussion organised by INBA along with Delhi Management Association on December 22, 2017 at DMA conference hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

We intend to present the recommendations from these submissions to the committee as we together, debate the ways in which privacy and data protection can be strengthened.

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