Dayanand Ramkrishna Shet versus State of Karnataka

Dayanand Ramkrishna Shet
State of Karnataka

The appeals are preferred against the judgment dated 13.9.2011 passed by the High Court of Karnataka. The appellants in both the appeals are accused nos. 1 and 2 respectively and were tried for the offences punishable under Sections 409 and 467 of IPC and the Trial Court acquitted them of the charges. Accused no.1-Dayanand Ramkrishna Shet was the Manager and accused no.2-Marthappa Radhakrishna Shet was the Assistant Manager in Suvarnakarar Co-operative Society Ltd. and they were empowered to sanction the loans to the customers of the bank on the security by pledging gold and gold ornaments. During the audit Balakrishna Subraya Naik found that an amount to tune of Rs.5,76,000/- has been misappropriated by the accused nos.1 and 2 and were held guilty but this present court modified the sentence awarded to the appellants suitably….read more