Final Version of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch – Release Date, Electronic Arts

The displayed version of Switch FIFA 18 is not the definitive one: Getting a charge out of FIFA 17? Obviously, you are – but then you wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a small piece of you as of now thinking ahead to the following portion. FIFA 18 release date is still some way away, however, we’re starting to get a couple subtle elements. While data about FIFA 18 is really thin on the ground right now, we’ll keep refreshing this page as we get more data. This is what we think about FIFA 18 up until now.

It has only been a few hours since there were some Nintendo Switch commercials in which, among other titles, we could see Fifa 18. However, a small detail that has been overlooked, and is now coming to light, Is that the final version of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch may vary from what is shown in the ads. Although it is for a brief moment, at the moment when FIFA 18 comes out on the stage, so does a short Japanese text which informs us that it is still in development, so logically we could expect that, Until the moment that its final version is presented, the title of Electronic Arts will undergo changes.

This looks like FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch:

EA Sports confirmed a few days ago that the development of its sports simulator for Nintendo Switch is about FIFA 18, and although it will be specially adapted to the platform, they intend to follow the wake of other platforms. On this occasion and thanks to a television advertisement, we have been able to see something more closely as the graphic section of this delivery shows. Graphically it shows a potential that does not differ in excess of the version of consoles, in addition, we see what is a game in local multiplayer while competing with the player who has the opposite. The beginning of the announcement also leaves us with some short scenes of Dragon Quest, another one of the great titles that await his arrival to Nintendo Switch.

Electronic Arts confirms that FIFA 18 will reach Switch:

Although we knew that Electronic Arts was preparing a delivery of the FIFA saga for Nintendo Switch, it was not known if the delivery that would be launched on the Nintendo console would be numbered, or if as with other platforms, it would be a FIFA Switch or something out of Canon established with the rest of platforms. As we said, we are doing a version of FIFA for Nintendo Switch, “Moore replied in an interview. “It will be FIFA 18 and obviously will be launched alongside the other platforms” However although its development is run by EA Vancouver, like the rest of platforms, will be a version with characteristics different from the rest, because in Moore’s own words Of an edition “personalized for Nintendo Switch”. FIFA 18 let’s remember that it is already beginning to reveal its first details because a few days ago confirmed that the “El Camino” mode will have second part and will include important news.