National Roundtable Discussion on “Real Estate Challenges after RERA” at Parliament House Annexe on October 28, 2017

National round table discussion on  Real Estate Challenges after RERA at Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi on October 28, 2017.

The Indian National Bar Association (“INBA”) is a premier body that strives to address legal, economic and social concerns for the benefits of the citizens of India. As a non-profit, non-political and non-Governmental association, INBA aims for the promotion of justice, human rights, anti-corruption and judicial reforms so as improve the quality of life of the people of India and prosperity of the nation.

Urbanisation is an undeniable fact and the urban centres are increasingly becoming the major engine of economic growth of the country. It is estimated that by 2030, about 40% of the Indian population is expected to reside in urban areas which would raise immense demands on infrastructural and civic needs for the residents. This pattern is already evident in real estate sector in several towns, cities and regions of the country and has placed tremendous strain on the Central and State Governments.

The real estate is the second largest sector in terms of job creation. It contributes about 9% to India’s GDP and out of this GDP housing alone commands a share of about 5%-6%. Despite Government intervention, this sector is still struggling and continues to face difficult phase needing further urgent structured and systematic support from Governments and its agencies. The bottlenecks need to be eliminated and provide a platform to all the stakeholders and regulators so that they can come together and function in unison to address the concerns, remove deadlocks, and bring amicable solutions so that vulnerability of each stakeholder is minimised.

It is in this context that the executive team of INBA Real Estate Law Section invites you for your gracious presence for deliberations and your participation to address “Real Estate Challenges after RERA” on October 28, 2017 at Parliament House Annexe, Committee Room – A, New Delhi India.

We along with other participants would be happy to experience your invaluable presence and participation in the proposed program.

We request you to please send your confirmation to Ms. Archana Aggarwal at by October 25, 2017 as we need to provide the final list of participants beforehand to the Parliament security.

For details; kindly contact us at :

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