4th Annual INBA Privacy Summit 2018

The Indian National Bar Association (“INBA”) has been in the quest to create an impact in every sphere of the legal fraternity since its inception. We pride ourselves on creating a platform for the legal practitioners of law to interact with the luminaries and experts of the industry. In order to provide a platform to facilitate discussions and sharing of ideas regarding the core issues of privacy, the INBA, conceived the idea of the “Annual India Privacy Summit’ and has successfully concluded three such events. The 4th Annual India Privacy Summit is being organized on October 25, 2018, at Taj WestEnd, Bangalore.

After much wait, the Government has released Justice BN Srikrishna Committee of Experts Report on Data Protection as well as a Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018. The committee’s report recommends that the law should be applicable to the processing of personal data if such data has been used, shared, disclosed, collected or otherwise processed in India. The proposed bill makes individual consent the centerpiece of data sharing, awards rights to users, imposes obligations on “data fiduciaries”— all those entities, including the State, which determine purpose and means of data processing. It also lays out provisions on data storage, making it mandatory for a copy of personal data to be stored in India, and called for amendments to other laws, including the Right to Information. Though the bill does not mention it directly, the report also suggests changes to the Aadhaar Act. In essence, the Data Protection Authority will function as India’s privacy regulator.

The conference will bring together experts, thought leaders, technocrats, businesses and other key stakeholders to debate and discuss the challenges and opportunities from the Bill and the impact it will have on various aspects of governance and business in India going forward.  INBA proposed to submit the comments to the government for inclusion in the final bill after receiving the same from Various Stakeholders.

Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018

Data Protection Committee Report

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  • Cultural understanding of privacy
  • Data Localisation and how it will impact business in India
  • The impact on the service sector
  • Securing Data in India (Technical and Legal Perspective)
  • Extra-Jurisdictional Application and its challenges in implementation
  • Comparative Comparison between India, EU, and USA
  • Remedial Application defined under the Bill
  • Enforcement Challenges of the Law
  • Compliance and Audits defined under the Bill
  • The integrity of the Data and Data Centre Infrastructure
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Many more topics……


Organising Committee :

Ms. Meenu Chandra

Mr. Kazim Rizvi

For more details contact: mz@indianbarassociation.org

or to call: 011-49036141

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